This website aims to make visible the research in archaeology and history that is linked to the study of the material culture of women while working to provide updated resources from feminist perspectives to all sectors involved in historical dissemination.

This site is also defined as a collaborative project between researchers in this field through a multilingual open structure which will make possible to incorporate gradually new graphical, textual, technical and bibliographical contributions. 

This website has been produced in the framework of the research project Women's Work and the Language of Objects: Renewing Historical Reconstructions and Recovery of Women's Material Culture as Tools for Values Trasmission (2007-2010), funded by the Instituto de la Mujer, and the project Material History of Women: Resources for Research and Dissemination (2010-2011), funded by the Institut Català de les Dones.

In 2014 a new project “Resources for the research in Women and Gender Archaeology in Spain” GENDAR HUM – 1904 (2014-2018) take up the baton funded by Andalusian government. As its main goals are to expand the knowledge of women´s activities in peninsular Prehistory and Ancient History, not only incorporating the newest research carried out, but also developing educational and informative contents for on-line use and through mobile devices.


The Pastwomen Network co-organizes the International Seminar "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Gender Archaeology" at the University of Tübingen.

July 4-10, 2022

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