You begin a journey to the past with a new look, the gender perspective. Here, we offer three ways to approach the archaeological heritage -Places, Museums and Routes- with an integrated discourse in which everybody are actively involved in the community. You will find different content in different media (images, videos and documents) that will help you to complete an unbiased knowledge of history.

Archaeological Sites

We propose you visits to archaeological sites from different periods and cultures, from a Paleolithic cave to an Iberian oppidum. In these places you will learn about these spaces, how their inhabitants lived and which kind of activities developed according to their gender and age groups. 

Female routes

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We approach to heritage in different regions with routes through different places, from a precise period or via diachronic itineraries. The focus will be always women´s activities and their contributions to past societies. 


We work on the construction of inclusive discourses where women are actively involved in society and in the historical processes. Here you can download routes with a gender perspective for different archaeological museums that contribute to come through traditional discourses.


The Pastwomen Network co-organizes the International Seminar "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Gender Archaeology" at the University of Tübingen.

July 4-10, 2022

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