Daily technologies - Middle Neolithic

In a significant number of sites of this period have been found bracelets and necklaces made ​​with a specific type of green stone called variscita or Calaita. This ore came from mines Gava, located in the central coast of Catalonia, which exploded throughout the fourth millennium BC with the sole purpose of obtaining the mineral and make, from her perforated beads for necklaces engarzarlas, bracelets and pendants. Accounts have been found in archaeological Gava varisicita both northeast of the Iberian Peninsula and in the Ebro valley and the south of France.

This type of ornaments found deposited as funerary offerings in many tombs in the area, both female and male burials of adults or creatures. Although data are not yet conclusive, it is possible to argue that the transformation of the raw material would be held accountable in the area of the mines without it being necessary to have a specialized group for processing. The procedure consist of a first crushing the ore into small fragments, a polish to the desired shape with an abrasive stone, such as sandstone and eventually perforation through drills with bits of flint

Mujer elaborando joyas y adornos de variscita. Ilustración: Francesc Ràfols

Mujer elaborando joyas y adornos de variscita. Ilustración: Francesc Ràfols

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