Ensuring food for tomorrow - Middle Neolithic

The critical nature of water for the survival of all living things and, of course, also for all human beings always conditioned not only choosing their places of refuge and residence, but has also generated a number of strategies and technical tools to ensure and facilitate access to and use of this vital resource.

The evidence we have on the water supply in many fields involve the existence of containers to collect water from the access point (a spring, a stream), transport to the place of residence and store it there for direct consumption or culinary. Is about medium size containers incoming walls, suitable for transporting liquids (pouring mode), but we found large containers, functionally, are suitable for storage. Therefore, in this type of settlement, in which presumably there were no reserves of water in the house, plays a key role its strategic location next to permanent water points and easily accessible which enable quick and easy to water, both for consumption and for household cleaning (pots, spoons and the like).

Mujer acarreando agua de un río cercano. Ilustración: Francesc Ràfols

Mujer acarreando agua de un río cercano. Ilustración: Francesc Ràfols

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